SF Bond Conference

The Backerkit Bond Conference for small business owner creators has been really wonderful. I was surprised by how inclusive and diverse the speakers and attendees were. It was also awesome to meet creators from all over the country and of radically different practices all united by our similar struggles, challenges, and drive. What many of us have in common is the tension between wanting to do something we love with balancing that with having a financially sustainable business without burning ourselves out or falling out of love with our craft. There’s also the occasional self doubt, uncertainty, resilience, and determination that seem to be common threads as well. 

I was inspired by Bond speaker Jesse Thorn ‘s point that as creators, “Your goal is to do the work. If you’re doing the work, you’re succeeding.” As a person who measured my own success as a creator based on my ability to earn money as one, this shook up the way I thought of success. This reframing liberated me.

Unexpectedly, I met some really wonderful people that weekend, who I hope to cross paths with again. Here are some portraits of the new friends, who I bonded with at the conference: