Legion of Honor SF Anniversary Photo Shoot - Larisa + Zack

I was so excited to photograph inspiring couple Larisa and Zack, who are as brilliant as they are kind. Former engineer Larisa is a design strategist in addition to being a musician, and Zack is a creative strategist by day and talented illustrator by night. Larisa and Zack individually are very impressive, but these two together are couple goals.

The weather forecast predicted a storm, so they were great with adapting our plans based on the weather. We met at sunrise on a chilly Saturday. Legion of Honor ended up being a perfect location for us in case there was downpour. 

We then made our way to Fort Point, where we saw the most vibrant rainbow behind the Golden Gate Bridge. Afterwards, Zack and Larisa took me out to have brunch together, where I had a blast riffing on potential directions to take my photography business.